[..1] Smile in another Muslims face
[..2] Say Salam to strangers
[..3] Shake someone’s hand and ask about their health
[..4] Buy tea for someone
[..5] Offer to get someone’s groceries
[..6] Sit with a Hajj group from another country and ask about Islam in their village
[..7] Carry someone’s bags for them
[..8] Guide someone ill to the infirmary
[..9] Shun vain talk
[10] Recite talbiyah loudly, encouraging others
[11] On the days of Eid, walk through the tents reciting Talbiyah loudly reminding others
[12] Gather stones for people
[13] Offer to throw on behalf of unable Hajjis
[14] Guide people to the Jamarat
[15] Lower your gaze
[16] Remind people of the lives of the Sahaabah
[17] Read Qur’an with the Tafseer
[18] Do the authentic Dhikr of the morning and evening
[19] Make dua during your Sajdah
[20] Stand to the side of a gate and offer people water/tea as they  leave
[21] Give major attention to shy people in your group
[22] Remind people of patience, why they came here, and the example of our Ulumaa’ in Hajj
[23] Explain a Hajj Khutbah you may have heard to those around you
[24] Explain the importance of purifying ones actions for the sake  of Allah
[25] Phone relatives (from Makkah) on Eid day
[26] Make dua for forgotten friends (and the author of this list)
[27] Don’t allow Muslims to fight during Hajj
[28] Help people find a place to sleep
[29] Remember – during the heat – the unending torment of hellfire
[30] Say `Laa ilaaha illa Allah, wahdahu laa sharika lah, lahul  Mulk wa lahul hamd, wa Huwa `ala kulli shay’in Qadeer’ 100x
[31] Say the dua of entering the market place when you go there
[32] Give charity to those who sell meager things (sandals/eggs)
[33] Attend the Halaqahs that are given in Mina
[34] Stay for the 13th of Dhul Hijjah
[35] Remind people to go home as better Muslims
[36] Forgive people that wrong you
[37] Talk to 10 different people from 10 different countries
[38] Compliment someone sincerely
[39] Visit the hospital and thank Allah for all that he has given you
[40] Take young Muslims and invite them to sit with the elders. Make them the center of attention.
[41] Give a tafseer class after Salah / ask someone knowledgeable
[42] (For men) On the days of Eid, offer perfume to those around you
[43] Ask about the health of senior women in your group. Make sure they are attended to.
[44] Focus hard on helping those immediately near you
[45] Take people to the slaughter house and help them/Or assist them in purchasing their P slaughter coupons
[46] Remember specific blessings Allah has bestowed upon you and say Alhamdulillah
[47] Pray to Allah using his 99 most beautiful names (al Asmaa’ al Husna)
[48] Use a Miswak
[49] Fill your pockets with candies and give to the children that  you meet
[50] Always intend reward from Allah for everything you go through  during Hajj