ALLAH’S Command to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him):

“and announce among people about (the obligation of) Hajj, so that they should come to you on foot, and on every camel turned lean, traveling through every distant hilly pathway, so that they witness benefits for them, and recite Allah‘s name in specified days, over the provision He gave them from the cattle. So, eat thereof and feed the distressed, the poor. Then, they must remove their dirt, and fulfill their vows, and make Tawaf of the Ancient House. Having said that, whoever observes reverence of the things sanctified by Allah, it is good for him with his Lord. And permitted to you are the cattle, except those mentioned to you through recitation (of the verses). So refrain from the filth of the idols and refrain from a word of falsehood, standing upright for (the obedience of) Allah, not ascribing any partner to Him. Whoever ascribes a partner to Allah, it is as if he falls down from the sky, and either the birds snatch him, or the wind drives him away to a far off place. Having said that, if one observes the sanctity of the symbols of Allah, then such things emanate from the piety of the hearts. And for you there are benefits in them (the cattle) up to a specified time. Then their place of sacrifice is by the Ancient House.”
[ALLAH’S Quran – 22:27-29]

May ALLAH, The Exalted, Accept the Hajj of All of His Slaves who have traveled on Foot, by Sea or by Air, from all corners of the Globe.