God is the greatest of all powers. No one can escape Hid reckoning. He will deal severely with the wicked. Belief in a God of this awesome nature is no simple matter; faith transforms a person a being when it enters his soul.

Imagine the change that comes over a person who suddenly realizes that a lion is roaming free in front of him. A far greater change occurs when one truly realizes the existence of God. To believe in God is to discover Him, and when one truly discovers God, one becomes more certain of His existence than of anything else, one fears Him above all else.

Faith in God is like an earthquake, which shakes the human soul. The true believe sees the Day of Resurrection before it comes.

Such belief engulfs one’s entire being in the fear of God. This fear is manifested in all one’s dealings with others. One does not humiliate the weak for one sees that they are God’s envoys. One does not cover before the strong, because one sees that all are helpless before God. One accepts the truth when it is proven, for denying it would be like seeing heaven, and hell before one, then leaving the fresh gardens of paradise to plunge into the flames of hell.