When Allah created the first person Prophet Adam (AS), He gave him all the knowledge pertaining to the human physical as well as spiritual needs, indeed the reality of everything on this Earth. Of course, he was the first human computer created by Allah and fed with all the knowledges which travel in the genes of mankind and the files continue to open as humanity advances in the field of science and technology. Because of this knowledge, not given to angels, the angels were commanded to do Sajdah (prostrate) before Adam (AS) in reverence to acknowledge his superiority so that they don’t interfere in his functions as Allah’s deputy on Earth, for Allah created human in his image.

According to Prophet Mohammad (AS), the teacher of the whole universe, – The knowledge is of two types.

(1) “Ilm-al-Abdaan” The knowledge of the physical sciences. It concerns the human brain and can be acquired irrespective of the fact whether he or she is a believer or not. This knowledge produces doctors, scientists, programmers, engineers, etc, The scope of this knowledge is from cradle to the grave and the aim is to earn livelihood/comforts in this worldly life.

(2) “Ilm-al-Adyaan” The knowledge of the religious sciences, known as Prophetic Knowledges because they’re knowledge passed down by Allah to mankind through His Prophets. The Prophetic knowledges are regulations on how to live life in this world in accordance with Allah’s Plan in order to acquire His Pleasure for eternal emancipation and bliss. The final Compendium of this knowledge, which supersedes all previously revealed books and is revealed to the final Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) gives us the knowledge from the beginning of mankind in the Realm of Command to its final destination, paradise or hell with the never ending life of the Hereafter. In order to fully benefit from this knowledge, one ought to be a believer in the Prophet hood as it concerns the human Qalb (heart). The Qalb gives immense depths to our knowledge and enables mankind to live a full and purposeful life in this world in accordance with the Will of our Creator and win eternal bliss by acquiring His Pleasure; He Who is the Almighty Allah, the Creator and the Sustainer of both the Realm of Creation and the Realm of Command.

A Messenger of Allah is the only source of “Ilm-al-Adyaan”, being a mediator between Allah and mankind and is blessed with integral innocence to receive His revelation unto his Qalb and pass on its contents to mankind. That explains why the first human being Adam (AS) was conferred with the Prophet hood.