[ALLAH’S Quran – 48:24] “It was He who held back the hands of your enemy as well as your hands from a hostile course of action against each other (at Hodaibyiah) in the precincts of Macca, after He had helped you win the victory over them. Allah has always had sight of what you do.”

[48:24 – Commentary ] “Shortly before the Truce of Hudaybiyyah was concluded, a detachment of Quraysh warriors – variously estimated at between thirty and eighty men – attacked the Prophet’s camp, but his practically unarmed followers overcame them and took them prisoner; after the signing of the treaty the Prophet released them unharmed (Muslim, Nasa’i, Tabari).”

“During the course of events at Hudaybiya any incident might have plunged the Quraysh and the Muslims into a fight. On the one hand, the Muslims, though unarmed, had sworn to stand together, and if the Holy Prophet wanted he could have forced entrance to the Kabah, and on the other hand the Quraysh were determined to keep out the Muslims by resorting to armed confrontation, if necessary. Allah restrained both sides from anything that would have resulted in bloodshed. Refer to the commentary of verse one to know that the treaty of Hudaybiya was a victory for the Holy Prophet.”