“Successful indeed Are The Believers, Those Who Humble Themselves in Their Prayers…… These Will Be The Heirs, Who Will inherit Al Firdous : They Will Dwell Therein (for ever).” (23:1-11)

Do You Sometimes Feel That Your Salah (prayer) is Not Quite Having The Effect it is Supposed To Have On You And Your Life?

Have You Ever Considered That Perhaps it is Because We Are Not Giving it its Due Justice?

It Seems We Have Lost (or were never taught) That Ability To *connect* in Salah That Makes All The Difference in its Effect On Us.

Consider The Following Examples Of Those Who Came Before Us :

The Muslims Once Head Out With The Prophet (peace be upon him) On Way To Battle. During The Trip The Prophet Ordered Two Companions, One Of The Ansaar And One Of The Muhaajireen, To Stand Guard Over Them. As They Did The Muhaajer Decided To Rest While The Ansaari Chose To Stand in Prayer. Along Came A Nonbeliever And Cast An Arrow Striking The Ansari in The Chest.

The Ansari Pulled Out The Arrow And Continued in Prayer. The Non-Believer Struck Him With A Second Arrow. Again the Ansari removed it and continued His Prayer. A Third Arrow Was Cast But Now The Ansari Could No Longer Stand And Finally Fell Bleeding into His Rukuu And Sujood. The Aggressor Fled As The Muhaajer Rushed To His Brother’s Aid, “ Subhanallah !

Why Didn’t You Alert Me From The First Arrow ”

The Ansari Replied, “ I Was in The Middle Of A (beautiful) Sura And Didn’t Wish To interrupt My Recitation Of it.”

Imam Bukhari Was Once Stung By A Wasp 17 Times While Standing in Prayer. When He Finished, He Felt Some Discomfort And Asked if Anyone Was Aware Of What Caused it.

Ibn-Azzubair Stood Firm And Unflinching in His Prayer While Catapults Fired Upon The Ground He Stood On.

It was said that when Ali washed in preparation for prayer, He Always Went Pale And Trembled With Anxiety As He Thought Of Himself About To Stand Before His Lord.

Another companion needed an amputation. He requested that it be performed while he was engaged in Salah.

An entire wall collapsed in the mosque that one companion was praying in, but he was too engrossed to realize what happened till his prayer was completed.

How did they attain that level of pleasure and inner peace that Salah is meant to inspire? Is it possible for us to reach that level too? How can we make our Salah effective on our being like it should? This is what we hope to learn.