IBRAHEEM IBN Adham (may Allah have mercy on him), a teacher and a companion of Sufyaan Ath-Thawree (d. 161H), was asked, “We supplicate and we are not answered.”

So he replied:

  • You know Allah, yet you do not obey Him.
  • You recite the Qur’an, yet you do not act according to it.
  • You know Satan, yet you have agreed with him.
  • You proclaim that you love Muhammad (peace be upon him), yet you abandon his Sunnah.
  • You proclaim your love for Paradise, yet you do not act to gain it.
  • You proclaim your fear the Fire, yet you do not prevent yourselves from sins.
  • You say “Indeed death is true”, yet you have not prepared for it.
  • You point out the faults with others, yet you do not look at your  faults.
  • You eat of what Allah has provided for you, yet you do not thank Him.
  • You bury your dead, yet you do not take a lesson from it.