Allah has sent a prophet to every people. Prophet Shu’aib(Alaih Assalaam) was sent to the people of Madyan. These people, who were merchants and traders, were also called forest dwellers because they lived near a thick forest.

Shu’aib(Alaih Assalaam) said to them: You should pray to Allah Who has created you. You should not cheat other people who come to buy from you.

But the forest dwellers did not listen to Shu’aib(Alaih Assalaam). They wanted to earn more money, and they earned more by cheating their customers. So they went on doing it. What was more, they refused to believe what Shu’aib (Alaih Assalaam) told them. Get out of our town or we will throw stones at you, the forest dwellers threatened. If what you say is true, then we would have been punished long ago. We don’t believe you and we are not going to worship Allah. We are not afraid of His punishment.

It did not take long for Allah’s punishment to come to them. They all died in one day from a terrible earthquake. The large amounts of money which they had gained and collected could not help them at all. So their cheating was punished and it had done them no good at all to demand high prices and get rich quickly.
When the town was destroyed, Shu’aib(Alaih Assalaam) and his companions who believed in Allah were saved. As the forest dwellers died, Shu’aib(Alaih Assalaam) said to them: I have always reminded you to pray to Allah and I have warned you not to cheat other people. Now Allah has punished you!