Realize that memorizing the Qur’an is a spiritual and physical project. It’s a miracle and blessing from Allah that we are able to memorize the Qur’an. If we want to take advantage of this blessing, we should be in a position to receive it. Therefore, let’s strive physically to achieve it and spiritually to get the maximum benefit. Here are 13 tips for memorizing the Qur’an

1. Sincerity
The first matter we must pay attention to is our intention. If we intend good we will get good. Make sure that the intention is for the sake of Allah alone. With this memorization, hope for Allah’s reward in the hereafter. It is not to show off in front of others that you have memorized a lot of the Qur’an. Sincerity is not a one time thing. It’s a continual battle that we always have to renew.

2. Consistency
The more frequently you memorize, the easier it becomes. It is very essential to be consistent, and not to skip even one day. There is no week-end in worship. The minimum that one should memorize is three lines – five is ideal. If we are consistent, In sha Allah, we will be able to be memorize the whole Qur’an within 5-6 years.

3. Timing
The first thing we should do in the day is memorize. Do this even before breakfast because this is our spiritual breakfast. The best time to memorize is right after Fajr.

4. Atmosphere
Go to a secluded place. Memorize in a place that is quiet. We can’t memorize properly with distractions, so turn off all your devices (like cell phones).

5. Familiarity
Start at the same time, at the same place and use the same mushaf (copy of the Qur’an) every day. We need to have our own mushaf, it will later become very dear to you.

6. No magic trick
Repeat, repeat, and repeat over and over again. It is only repetitive recitation and/or listening that will help us memorize with perfection.

7. Memorize with the meaning
Read the translation of the meaning before you start and try to match the Arabic words with their meanings.

8. Listen to recitation, always
Listen often to the Qur’an. Before you start to memorize, listen to what you are about to memorize from good reciters.

9. Find a companion
Get a friend, a family member or someone you know who will listen to the recitation every day. Ideally, find someone who is also memorizing the Qur’an to create a peer pressure system.

10. Revision
Recite daily in your Salah what you have memorized. If you forget one portion, you will immediately rush towards the Qur’an and correct your mistake and you will never do this mistake again.

11. Triple daily dose
Everyday, before you start memorization of new verses, revise the recitation of the previous seven days because it’s easy to forget new memorization. Moreover it will be good connector between where you left previously and the new verses that you will begin with. At a later time of day, revise what you memorized before the last seven days. One should at least revise 4-5 pages every day.

12. Do not jump around
Be consistent. Don’t try to go to another surah if you find a particular one difficult. Stick to the order. That way, you will have the satisfaction of having completed a juz rather than leaving some portions here and there.

13. The three chunks
Start from the back. Shorter surahs will bring you a big boost. Divide the memorization of the Qur’an in three parts: a) Juz 28, 29, 30 or just Juz 29, 30; b) Surah Al-Kahf till Juz 28; c) Surah Al-Baqara to Surah Al-Kahf. – Muslim Matters

May Almighty ALLAH (SWT) guide all of us to the Right Path and give all of us the courage to accept the Truth in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah and to reject all things which are in contradiction to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah, Aameen.