Surah No 47: Muhammad
Number of Ayats: Thirty-eight
Meaning of the name: It has been named after the Prophet Muhammad.
Summary: This is a Madni surah. The theme of the surah is Jihad, and it is stated that it has to be performed with great dynamism in order to defeat the enemy. It is for this reason the Muslims were urged at that time not to give up hope just because they were small in number and were not well equipped against the strength of the disbelievers. They were told to have faith in Allah as He protects and helps his true believers. In comparison those who do not believe in Allah and misguide others from doing so, do not have His protection or blessings. History reveals that evil can never win. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) once said “To guard Muslims from infidels in Allah’s cause for one day is better than the world and whatever is on its surface”. However we are told that prisoners of war are to be treated nicely and released with ransom or even without it.

While hypocrites can be judged by the fact that they act and speak as if they believed but when the time comes they are cowards, they are insincere to the Cause of Allah and they are not willing to sacrifice their lives. A pity that they do not even understand the simplest spiritual truths. However they are warned that Allah knows what they are doing. They are told that they should repent for their mistakes because when the punishment will come it will be too late.

Therefore only true believers are the ones who persevere for the Cause, and are willing to sacrifice their lives. The tests and trials that we undergo throughout our life are for our own good. That is why we must use this the time on earth as a preparation of the next life, and should be ready to take risks. We are again reminded that Allah has no need for us. He only uses us for our own benefit, and we are the receivers of the innumerable blessings that He bestows upon us. So if we abandon Allah’s cause then we are the losers because there will be other better people who will take our place.