RAMADAN is already half over. I know what almost every one of us will be saying, “It just started a couple of days back, 15 days can’t be over already?!!” That’s the reality, that’s time, and it passes by really quick.

The question is are we still stuck up with starting troubles for Ramadan? Have we utilized the days of fasting to earn reward and the blessed nights to cry to Allah for our forgiveness?

Angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) cursed the one who let the blessed month of Ramadan pass by without gaining forgiveness and our Prophet (peace be upon him) said Aameen. (Hakim and Bayhaqi)

Jibraeel cursed! – the mighty angel who brought down revelations to prophets. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) pronounced Aameen! – the seal and leader of all prophets. Can such an invocation go without being accepted? All is not lost, 15 days remain. The most virtuous – last ten days of the month – have not passed us by. Layl-at-Al-Qadr (Night of Decree), the night whose worship is better than the worship of a thousand months, remains.

Past cannot be undone, we do not know if we will live to see the future, it is the present that we can make the best use of.

Are we going to stay wondering how the 15 days left us or are we going take the next 15 days head-on?