The holy month of Ramadan is yet another chance for all Muslims to seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. The divine precept of fasting that is binding on all able adult Muslims.

The holy month inspires Muslims with the noble meanings of compassion, mercy and kindness. It also renews the higher values which our religion advocates and calls for. It is the month when the doors of the heaven open for the good deeds and worshiping Allah.

We have learned great lessons from this great month, which inspire us, and we ponder over them and see how a person cares for his brother, how the rich feel the sufferings of the poor and how Muslims compete among themselves to win Allah’ s contentment.

Islam is a religion of love, compassion and tolerance, and that its message has been revealed as a mercy for the entire mankind. It is a way of guidance and welfare and it is a method that advocates dialogue and coherence. It also calls for effective participation to build mankind’s civilization.

We have a duty and responsibility to defend and protect this religion, serve Muslims’ interests and renew and revive their dialogue with the world’s cultures, societies and others’ religions with the objective of building a civilized and coherent world that finds its roots in the principles of peace and justice.