While Abu- Dardaa (R.A. – may Allah be pleased with him) was in Damascus, Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, its governor, asked him to give his daughter in marriage to his son, Yazid. Abu- Dardaa did not agree. Instead he gave his daughter in marriage to a young man from among the poor whose character and attachment to Islam pleased him. People heard about this and began talking and asking: Why did Abu- Dardaa refuse to let his daughter marry Yazid? The question was put to Abu- Dardaa himself and he said: “I have only sought to do what is good for ad-Dardaa (his daughter).”

How?” inquired the person.
“What would you think of ad-Dardaa if servants were to stand in her presence serving her and if she were to find herself in palaces the glamour of which dazzled the eyes? What would become of her religion then?” (He desired to protect her and her faith from the pomp and glitter that world has to offer).

Amazing father Subhan Allah.