KHADIJA Bint Khuwailed was the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) first wife. Reading the life story of this noble lady reveals that she was an ideal woman in the full sense of the word.

She was married twice before getting married to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Many of the nobles and rich men of Makkah proposed to her, but she rejected all of them.

She was a wealthy lady in possession of a big fortune and had her own private trade. She heard a lot about Prophet Muhammad’s integrity and honesty and that was why she chose him to conduct her business. Her admiration for the Prophet (peace be upon him) increased after what she had heard from her servant, Maisara, who accompanied the Prophet on his trade journeys. Maisara praised the Prophet’s manners and humane dealings with everybody and narrated some of the miracles that accompanied him (the Prophet) throughout the journey such as the cloud that kept hovering above the Prophet to protect him from the sun.

She sent a go-between to ask the Prophet (peace be upon him) to propose to her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) did not hesitate to propose to this great lady, although she was 15 years older than him. She was his only wife for more than 25 years and the mother of all his children (except for Ibrahim who was the son of Maria the Copt).

She was known for her wisdom, common sense and balanced thinking. She was the Prophet’s wife for 25 years during which she never made him angry even once. She also supported him all through her life financially and emotionally. The year in which she died was called the Year of Sorrow because the Prophet (peace be upon him) was deeply grieved to lose this noble wife who had been the source of tenderness, love and support.

Even after her death the Prophet (peace be upon him) remained loyal to her memory. He used to warmly welcome her relatives and friends and when his other wife ‘Ayesha used to feel jealous because of this. Once she said, “Allah gave you a better wife, (meaning herself),” but he said, “This is not true, nobody is better than she was: for she helped me when other people let me down, and supported me when people abandoned me, and Allah made her the mother of my children.” He really respected her memory and never forgot her favors and love for him. May Allah be pleased with her.