It is a road-map to success and a reminder of the standard of excellence, great devotions and triumph of high achievements. It charts the direction in the battle of life for those who does actually strive to do deeds and reach for their goal, their prize. The promised prize that no human being could imagine the joys kept hidden as reward for all that they did, await at the end of the road. The eye has seen not, nor the ear heard, nor does the heart of man ever conceive.

Abraham was certainly a model of faith for the people, obedient to Allah and upright. Allah pay back people who do good and this event is one of the proofs of Allah mercy thus indeed do doers of goods rewarded.

A great event when Abraham and his son Ishmael passed the trial successfully. We offer remembrance of Allah’s blessings, celebrate His name and offer the eid salaat to give thanks for sending us guidance and map to tread through the life’s path.

There should be no room for emotions which go against the commands and prohibitions of Allah. Eid teach us to trust that He shall not give us more than what we can bear. He will either shield us from suffering or will give us unfailing strength to bear it. Was it not said to ‘follow My Guidance, no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow’ Certainly Allah knows best and was best witness when Ishmael said:

“O my father! Tie my hands and legs so that I do not struggle.

Put a blindfold over your eyes so that you do not have to see me die

And tighten your cloak so that my mother does not see my blood splattered on your clothes. Make your knife sharp so that you can do your job quickly. That way I will feel no pain.”

Peace be upon Ibrahim. Indeed this was a clear trial.

Eid al-Adha is a light that shine our way near and far,

The love of Ibrahim for Allah was true, tested by fire to stay forever.

Devotion so endless, will always light the way.

It is a light that could shine the difficult ways in times of trials. We can do more than just lament the flaws of the Muslim Ummah, for a better world to live and make the word of Allah dominant in the world. If we can all sacrifice what we love most for Love of Allah as Ibrahim did to his son Ishmael. Only then we will know the power and wisdom of Eid al-Adha and deserve what Allah has promised, to grant succession and security after fear. If we can stand strong in the middle of trials and hardships, know that surely Allah help will find way to shine through.

This event also reminds us of one of the pillar of Islam, the hajj. It manifests a unique unity, dispelling all kinds of differences. Muslims from all corners of the world, wearing the same dress, respond to the call of Hajj in one voice and language: LABBAIK ALLA HUMMA LABBAIK (Here I am here I am O lord!).

Hajj is a great congress that gives an opportunity to Muslims all over the world to meet annually. The time, venue and even the invitation has been set by the One True God when Allah, the Almighty, said to Ibrahim:

“You call, and I will convey your call.”