Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Muhammadin Wa-Ala Ali Muhammadin Wa-Sabibi Wa-Sallim


Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik has said, our Nabi has said: “The dua is never refused between the azan and the iqamah, so call unto Allah.”

Hazarath Anas Ibn Malik has said, our Nabi has said: “When the call for Salah is made, the heavens doors open, and the duas are accepted.”

Hazarath Abu Hurairah has said: “I came to the mountain of Thoor and I met a Rabbi. I spoke to him about Nabi and he spoke to me about the Torah. We did not disagree on anything right until we completed our conversation, and I said to him: “The Messenger of Allah has said: On the day of Jum-ah, there is a time that if a believer gets it, there is nothing good he asks Allah for, except that it will be granted to him! The Rabbi asked, “In every year?” I said: but in every Jum-ah, that is what the Messenger of Allah said!”

So he went away for a little while, then he returned to me, and he said: ” You have spoken the truth, By Allah, It is like the Messenger of Allah said, it is every Jum-ah and indeed (Jum-ah) is the greatest of days, and the dearest of days to Allah, in it Adam was created, and in it, he was placed in Paradise, and in it, he was expelled from paradise and in it will the day of Ressurection, and there is no animal except that it is…, and it waits for the day of Jum-ah, except Man and Jin.”

Amar Ibn Auf Muzni narrated from his father who narrates from his grandfather, that Rasulullah has said: ” Indeed on the day of Jum-ah there is time, no servants ask for anything, except he will be granted what he asks.” It was said to him “Which time is it O’ Messenger of Allah?” He replied: “The salah time until the people return from it”

Hazrath Jabir Ibn Abdullah says that our Nabi said: ” The Messenger of Allah supplicated in the musjid at the battle of the Trench on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and his call was answered on Wednesday between the two salaahs, face (at that time. Hazrath Jabir Ibn Abdullah says from himself: “So nothing of importance had ever come upon me, except that I waited that particular time of that day, except that I asked, and I knew of the answer to my supplication.”

Hazrath Abu Hurairah has stated that the Messenger of Allah said: “When you hear the crow of a rooster, then ask Allah for his favors, for verily the rooster had seen an angel of Allah, and whenever you hear the bray of an ass, then seek protection in Allah from the Shaitaan, for verily the ass had seen the shaitaan.” (Hazrath Imam Mawawi explains the reason for this supplication. The angels ask forgiveness for the son of Adam and they say Ameen for his Duas!)