There is a curve called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, caution lights called family, and you will have flats called jobs.

But, if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith, and the support of the Omnipresent called Allah, you will make it to a place called success!

what you think!
Your inner thoughts can cause you to be rich or poor, loved or unloved, happy or unhappy, attractive or unattractive, powerful or weak.

What you impress upon your mind, you’ll inevitably become. It’s a psychological law that whatever you desire to accomplish you must first impress upon your subconscious mind.

Relentless, repetitive self-talk will change your self-image. You’ll affect your subconscious mind with verbal repetition. Constant repetition carries conviction.

When you change your values you’ll change your behavior. Start thinking of yourself as becoming the person you want to be. Self-suggestion will make you the master of yourself.

Must do:
Each task that is given to you feels like an opportunity for further success. See the task not as a burden, but as an encouragement to be fully alive and effective.

The real burden would be the inability to do anything. No task is a burden but is instead the chance to express your own aliveness.

Does the work seem dreary, unimaginative, tedious, or boring? That’s mainly because your attitude makes it so. See what happens when you start by being thankful for the opportunity to do it. Your genuine gratitude will help you to see the positive value.

When the things you must do become things you want to do, it can transform your life. Each moment takes on more meaning; each effort brings greater and greater rewards.

Rather than fighting and forcing yourself to do what must be done, let go of your resistance and allow yourself to accomplish it. Let what you must, become what you want, and watch yourself begin to soar

And you will yourself one step away from your goal. And a little bit more would make it all worthwhile to achieve your next destination.

After attaining success slow down in fulfilling your duties towards your family members, work will always pounce back even if you are not attentive towards it which is a part of your life. But don’t forget you are a part of your family.

Slow down:
Life is not a race. It is a journey.
Getting someplace first, before anyone else, has very little real and lasting meaning. Seek instead to encourage others to come along, and you’ll find the journey much more fulfilling.

When you hurry through each moment, you miss out on the richness that could be yours. Take the time to live, to experience where you are, rather than being so obsessed with getting to the next checkpoint.

When you stop demanding to have it all now, you’ll discover that you have plenty already. Learn to experience joy where you are, and you’ll experience it in abundance.

Yes, it can be wonderfully exhilarating when life is moving quickly. But do not move so quickly that speed becomes your only experience, for there is much more to enjoy.

The terrain of life is filled with wonderful and astounding detail. Slow down and take in its richness.