[ALLAH’S Quran – 3:16-17] “Those who say: Our Lord! Lo! we believe. So forgive us our sins and guard us from the punishment of Fire; The steadfast, and the truthful, and the obedient, those who spend (and hoard not), those who pray for pardon in the watches of the night.”

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) has said:
[Bukhari, Book #46, Hadith #693] “Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “Whoever frees a Muslim slave, Allah will save all the parts of his body from the (Hell) Fire as he has freed the body-parts of the slave.” Said bin Marjana said that he narrated that Hadith to ‘Ali bin Al-Husain and he freed his slave for whom ‘Abdullah bin Ja’far had offered him ten thousand Dirhams or one-thousand Dinars”

[Bukhari, Book #13, Hadith #30] “Narrated Abu ‘Abs: I heard the Prophet saying, “Anyone whose feet are covered with dust in Allah’s cause, shall be saved by Allah from the Hell-fire.”

[Bukhari, Book #76, Hadith #547] “Narrated ‘Adi bin Hatim: The Prophet said, “There will be none among you but will be talked to by Allah on the Day of Resurrection, without there being an interpreter between him and Him (Allah). He will look and see nothing ahead of him, and then he will look (again for the second time) in front of him, and the (Hell) Fire will confront him. So, whoever among you can save himself from the fire, should do so even with one half of a date (to give in charity).”

[Muslim, Book #009, Hadith #3605] “Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: A Muslim who emancipates a Muslim (slave). Allah will save from fire every limb of his for every limb (of the slave). Sa’id b. Marjana said: When I heard this hadith from Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him), I went away and made a mention of it to ‘Ali b. Husain and he at once emancipated the slave for which Ibn ja’far was prepared to pay ten thousand dirhams or one thousand dinars.”