Gambling is one of the major prohibitions and it is not a minor sin. The door is wide open before a Muslim to earn money through lawful means. Hence, he should not let others beguile him or deceive him with baseless ideas. Rather, he should be more realistic.

A Muslim is ordered by Allah to leave no stone un turned in seeking his livelihood through the sweat of his labor. In earning his living a Muslim should employ his thinking, exert physical effort to attain his goal, and burn his midnight oil to make his dreams and high hopes come true.

We can not expect a Muslim to earn his living by a stroke of luck while wallowing in deep slumber and exerting no effort. Lacking behind and lassitude are not the characteristics of a Muslim and not the norms of Islam.

Our Muslim youth should not be beguiled by such fake and illegal ambitions. Rather, they should live the reality as it is and be down-to-earth.

Referring to this in his sincere advice to his son Al-Hasan, Imam `Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) stated, ‘Do not incline to hopes (i.e., while staying idle), because high hopes is the merchandise of the fool.’ This also reminds us with the words of a poet: Never be the slave of hopes as hopes are the capitals of the penniless!”

 Yusuf Al Qaradawi