1. Don’t expect it to be easy. Thirty consecutive days is tough. But with Allah’s help, it will become the best 30 days of your life.

2. Remember: Ramadan is not about abstaining from food and drink till sunset only and being compassionate toward the poor, it is also about cyour heart from sinful thoughts and actions and zooming out of this world and seeing the real meaning behind it. Don’t let your fasting be restricted to thirst and hunger.

3. Enjoy the moments of fasting by getting to know your self, your weaknesses and strengths. Ramadan is a real eye opener as the devils are all locked up and you get to know just exactly how sinful your soul is. Can’t blame it on the devil this time. If you find yourself still thinking of doing something wrong, then try to meditate on that and how to cure your heart from this.

4. Do good to everyone. Begin that holy month by forgiving all those who have wronged you. Call, email or visit those who have hurt you. Wish them a happy and blessed Ramadan.

5. Try to get as many loved ones as you can gather for “iftar” every day. It is a chance to reconnect with family and friends.

6. Don’t forget to include the poor and less fortunate in your daily meal plans.

7. Take your friends and family to Taraweeh prayers every day. Together you will pray for each other and for all. It will be a memorable experience in sha Allah.

8. Make it a plan to touch somebody’s life everyday. Start planning from now, whom you can help and how.

9. Finally, compete with yourself to bring out the very best in you. Allah is watching. Make Him happy.