(1) A ‘Hajj’ pilgrim should get his faults excused by his friends and relatives at the time of taking their leave and request them to pray for his well-being. When he intends to get out of his house, he should offer two ‘Rak’at of Nafl prayers. On getting near the exit of his house he should recite Surah Inna Anzalna. (ch.97).

When he comes out he should give whatever he can afford as charity and should recite ‘Ayat-ul-Kursi’.

Thereafter he should pray to Allah in these words:-

“O Allah: I seek Thy protection against that I go or be led astray, or that I oppress or be oppressed; and against that I do an act of ignorance or fall a victim thereto” :
This invocation should also be pronounced:-

“O Allah! We ask Thee for righteousness and piety in this journey of ours. We request Thee to bless us with the acts that may please Thee.”

“O Allah! make this journey of ours convenient for us and help us in crossing over its distance easily.”

“O Allah! Thou art our companion in this journey and the caretaker of our family behind us.”

“O Allah! I seek Thy protection against the troubles in this journey; against beholding my property and family in bad condition on my return and against being impaired after being settled and against the malediction of the oppressed one.”

(2) If the Arabic text of the invocations is not safe in memory, the subject matter written in the translation underneath may be repeated in one’s own language.

(3) On taking leave of the relatives this invocation should be repeated :
“I commend you to Allah’s protection under whose charge the things are not lost.”

(4) At the time of getting into the traveling carriage ‘Bismillah…….’ along with the following invocation should be pronounced :
“Praise be to Allah who made it submissive to our control and we were not to control it (without the help of His omnipotence). No doubt we are certainly to return to our Lord.”