Most nightmares have their basis in our waking lives. They can stem from something we have seen or from what had been preoccupying our minds during the day. They can be the consequence of stressful or frightening experiences.

Nightmares are most common among small children. Their frequency generally decreases with age up to the time of puberty.

Someone who has a nightmare should not become worried. A major cause of nightmares is eating late at night right before going to sleep.

Apart from that, it is recommended for a Muslim to sleep in a state of ritual purity. This mean it is best to perform wudu (ablution) before going to bed.

It is also recommended to lie on the right side when going to sleep. The Prophet (peace be upon him) used to sleep on his right side and instructed his followers to do so.

He said (Sahih al-Bukhari (247) and Sahih Muslim (2710)):

If you come to your sleeping place, perform your ablutions as you would for prayer, then lay down on your right side, then say:

“O Allah, I have submitted myself to You and have entrusted to You my affairs, and I have taken refuge in You, in both hope and fear of You. There is no refuge or sanctuary from You except with You. O Allah! I believe in Your Book that You have revealed and Your Prophet whom You have sent.”

If you die in on this night of yours, then you will be on the natural faith. Make these words the last thing that you utter.