That black magic exists, there is no doubt. It is mentioned in the Qur’an. But magic has no real substance. It is all illusory; it has no substance. If you look at the references to magic which occur in the Qur’an, you will find that the sorcerers employed by Pharaoh to try to defeat Moses were able to produce “great magic”, that sent a feeling of fear into Moses, despite the fact that he was a messenger of God. Yet that great magic had no substance. God says: “Their ropes and staffs seemed to him to be moving, as a result of their magic.” This shows that they did not move, but he imagined them to be moving.

Could magic have a bad effect on us? Yes, it could, but I do not know how. There may be some evil people who resort to magic in order to disturb others. They may use their evil learning to earn money. They commit a grave sin. It is forbidden to learn magic and to practice it in any way. If a person resorts to such people asking them for help against a third party, both the one asking for that and the one doing it are guilty of disobedience to God.

How to counteract such evil deeds? It is by resorting to the Qur’an, reading it as often as one can, particularly the last two surahs: Al-Falaq and Al-Nas. One should also appeal to God for protection against all evil. When you have done that, try hard to keep all thoughts of people having cast a spell on you out of your mind. Always maintain that no harm could come to you without God’s permission. Therefore, do all that ensures for you God’s protection, fulfilling your duties, helping other people, particularly those in need. Always place your trust in God, reassuring yourself that no harm or benefit comes from people unless God wills it. He does not will anyone any harm.