When you visit a mall you pick up those goods that offer you a lucrative offer. BUY THREE AND TAKE ONE FREE ‘ or 50% Discount …. Something similar has been happening to Muslims too. We have started considering Islam as a supermarket, thinking of plenty of options even in obligatory things.

Ask a HAJI, “ How many Hajj have you performed?”

“ Five “ because there is a Hadith which says that if my Hajj is accepted all my past sins are forgiven” “And Umrah?

‘Oh every Ramadan, because whoever performs an Umrah in Ramadhan has performed Hajj with the Prophet (PBUH).

Mashallah ! then you must be praying all your Fardh Salaah in the congregation right?

Yes of course! If I pray in the congregation I get the reward of praying 27 times!

Excuse me err… Have you given your sister her rightful share of your father’s wealth?

No! Oh because maybe there is no such discount offer or other gift scheme associated with it…

Ask a sister “ Do you wear a hijab? “

“Yes, Alhamdolillah! I wear it everywhere, in college and weddings, in family gatherings…”

“But do you observe hijab with your male cousins?”

“No…I do whatever I find easy!”

This is Pick and Choose. We conveniently cling to those deeds which offer supermarket type of discounts and free gifts.

This is what the Bani Israel did with their shariah. Pick and Choose. That’s what Allah reminds us of with their example. They were not allowed to kill amongst themselves, nor were they allowed to drive each other from their homes. But they did it regularly. On the contrary, they picked and choose another easy option. They freed the captives knowing that it had a great reward.

So Allah puts up a question to such people: Do you believe in only a part of the book and reject the rest?

Then He answers it with an interrogative question: Then what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life …..( Surah al Baqarah verse 85)

The Arabic word here is KHIZYOON. It means a public humiliation. And that is what we Muslims are undergoing these days. Public humiliation. If a Muslim has boarded a flight in the US the pilot fears that he may repeat the 9/11 episode. Our sisters are being deprived of wearing niqabs. Our oil and other natural resources are plundered legally. Our cities are being destroyed and our women and children and old are killed. Our youth are killed by our handicapped.

Our populations and number of countries are more yet we are humiliated at the airports, in workplaces, and also UN. For this, we cannot blame the anti-Islamic forces only. We have to take a share of the consequences….. So the Qur’an declares… ENTER INTO ISLAM WHOLEHEARTEDLY……

Author : Nisaar Nadiadwala