Extremism, exceeding proper bounds, corruption, immorality, and subjugating people are the key to death, destruction of kingdoms, and cause for perdition. Pharaoh was arrogant on earth, divided its people, and subjugated some of them. There is only one power in existence and that is the power of Allah. There is one absolute value and that is the value of Iman (faith). Whoever is supported by Allah’s power need not fear even if he is devoid of all the manifestations of strength. Whoever has Allah’s power against him will have no security or peace of mind even if he is supported by all powers.

Read history to learn lessons from their predecessors. Qura’nic parables are among the most effective means of education.

Mousa and Bani Israel’s history teaches us the lessons for the building of nations, their independence, and the prosperity of civilization. It also provides the reasons for the collapse of nations. Make the best use of their time by obeying Allah and doing good deeds and remembering death.

Nights and days are passing swiftly and nights follow days without stopping. There are many people who have not completed the day and others who hoped to see the next day did not live till the next. When the moment of death (Ajal) comes, Allah will not postpone it.

This world is not a place where a human being will live forever. After that, the human being’s abode will be in paradise or hell. The year that has passed will bear witness either in our favor or against us. Get ready with a satisfactory answer — for the Day of Resurrection — and do good deeds, and seek Divine forgiveness for your sins. Make the best use of your remaining time before death takes you by surprise.