Among some similarities between the plight that the Bani Israel underwent and today’s Muslims are undergoing: Humiliation at a collective level. Can you believe that the reasons are also the same as per the standards charted out in the Qur’an. A large part of both the communities display obedience to Allah’s law but are choosy in picking up the commandments and leaving the rest.

Surah al Baqarah says in its 86th verse: Then you believe in one part of the book and reject the rest? But most of the Muslims may argue that they believe in the whole Qu’ran and not partly. Let us not forget that Iman, Belief also means action, hence the entire book must be followed and not just a few comfortable verses. There is an example illustrated in the Qur’an. Let me help you in understanding.

Among the covenants that Allah took from the Bani Israel were two clauses: 1. Do not shed your own blood ( Do not kill your fellow believers ) 2. Do not drive your own people out of their houses into exile. ( Surah al Baqarah, verse 84 )

Years before Prophet Mohammed (PBUH ) was born, many Jews settled in Medina in search of the last Prophet to come. They knew that he would be reaching Medina after migration. The main two Jewish tribes were Banu an Nadir and Banu Quraiza. Both the tribes were each other’s enemy and assisted two warring Arab tribes, Aws and Khazraj. When the two Arab tribes fought each of these two tribes also fought with each other. Later, they collected money to free their own Bani Israelis from the enemy camp. e.g. The Banu Quraiza after fighting with Banu Nadir, gave money to set the Bani Nadi’s war captives free. Even the Arabs were surprised that, a few days back they fought with each other and now they were paying for each other’s ransom!

On being asked, the Jews used to say: we are commanded in the Law to give Fidya and set free our brothers in Judaism! What they disobeyed was not to shed blood and drive each other out. They obeyed one command of freeing the war captives but disobeyed the other two. They fought and killed each other and also drove out each other.

So Allah reminds it in verse number 87 of Surah Baqarah and asks “: What is the reward of those among you who behave like this, except a disgrace IN THIS WORLD? The Arabic word here is ” Khizyun ‘It means embarrassing humiliation that exposes weakness or faults in masses.

Many of us are into this habit of picking and choosing clauses of deen as per our own convenience. Some of us are fond of Hajj and Umrah but don’t mind if the incoming money is haram. Some sisters observe excellence in worship but don’t observe Hijab. Some of us are punctual in Majid but remain indulged in gheebah. Make a list of your own and see where each one of us falters…Deen is not of picking and choosing like goods from a Mall. Rather it is a way of life that includes the way of thinking, way of behaving, way of choosing and rejecting, and also an attitude that is guided by Allah.

Nisaar Nadiadwala