‘And those who say: ‘Our Lord! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the comfort of our eyes, and make us the heads of the God-fearing.’ (25:74)

Hasan Basri‘s explanation suggests that one can draw solace from his dear ones (wife and children) if they submit to the way of Allah. The concern of righteous servants of Allah is not only self-transformation but they also take care of the virtuous actions of their children and spouse and pray that Allah guides them to the right path.

The second part of the verse: ‘And make us the heads of the God-fearing.’ This prayer was not meant for personal aggrandizement, but for the family members to follow the right path.

Hazrat Makkul Shami has elucidated that the purpose of the prayer is to implore such an exalted status of acquiring consciousness of Allah that even the God-fearing draw inspiration and follow it.
‘Such people will be rewarded with the highest of places.’ (25:75)

The righteous people will have such high chambers in paradise. They will look like stars to the common people. (Bukhari, Muslim)

It is narrated in Tirmizi that Rasulullah (PBUH) said: ‘In Paradise, there will be such houses that the interior can be seen from the exterior and the exterior from the interior.’ The Sahaba (RA) enquired as to whom these houses are for. Rasulullah replied ‘Those who keep their speech clean and soft, greet every Muslim, feed the poor and offer Tahajjud prayers at night whilst others are sleeping.’ (Mazhari)
‘And will be received therein with prayers of their eternal life and peace.’ (25:75)

Besides the glad tidings of Paradise, they will be honored with the greetings and felicitations of the angels.
“Verily, the dwellers of Paradise that Day will be busy in joyful things. They and their wives will be in pleasant shade, reclining on thrones. They will have therein fruits (of all kinds), and all that they will ask for. (It will be said to them): “Salamun” (Peace be on you), a Word from the Lord, Most Merciful.” (36:55-58)

Can you imagine? Wearing the finest silk clothing and sitting on chairs made of gold and precious stones? Those who disbelieve in the words of Allah say that this is all a fairy-tale, made up by a would-be prophet. But we know that Allah is the Truthful and that His Messenger spoke only what was revealed to from the Most Truthful.

Apart from the Qur’anic descriptions of Paradise, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), would often describe Paradise to his companions. His descriptions were often so vivid and moving, that many-a-companion would hurriedly rush towards it. This was the case, as Anas narrated that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), and his companions proceeded towards Badr and arrived there before the disbelievers of Makkah. When the disbelievers arrived, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “None of you should step forward ahead of me to do anything.” Then the disbelievers advanced towards us, and the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said, “Rise to enter Paradise whose width is equal to the Heavens and the Earth.” Umayr Ibnul Humam al-Ansari (RA) asked, “O Messenger of Allah (PBUH) is Paradise equal in width to the heavens and the earth?” He said, “Yes.” Umayr said, “Bak’hin! Bak’hin!” (An Arabic word denoting excitement and astonishment) The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) asked him, “What made you say these words: Bak’hin, Bak’hin?” He said, “Messenger of Allah (PBUH), nothing but the desire to be amongst its residents.” He, said, “You are surely among its residents.” Umayr then took some dates from his bag and began to eat them. Then he said, “If I were to live until I had eaten all of the dates, indeed this life would be too long.” Anas then said, “He threw away the remaining dates he had with him. He then fought (the disbelievers) until he was killed.” (Muslim)

To earn Paradise we need to strive towards:

  • Protect our minds from thoughts, which are evil, because evil actions begin with evil thoughts.
  • Protect our eyes by lowering our gazes and not looking at forbidden things.
  • Protect our ears from lewd or evil speech where there is sin. We should also avoid listening to lies, gossip, music, slander, or blasphemy.
  • Protect our tongues by saying always what is correct and true, keeping it moist with the remembrance of Allah, and keeping away from backbiting and other evil speech.
  • Protect our stomachs by eating the Halal and keeping away from the Haram. We should beware of eating usury, carrion, and swine or drinking or taking drugs.
  • Protect our hands from taking what does not belong to us; or from doing harm to another Muslim.
  • Protect our legs from taking us to evil and corruption and the ultimate doom.
  • Protect our private parts from unlawful sexual intercourse.
  • Protect our wealth by not squandering it or holding on to it too tightly.
  • Protect our oaths, witnesses, and trusts by not breaching or breaking a contract or pledge knowingly. We should not exceed our agreements, testify to falsehood or break our trust.
  • Protect our families and children by keeping them away from the things that may be harmful and that may corrupt their minds and their souls.

Now, it is true that only Allah knows who the believers are, but that should not stop us from striving to be among their numbers. The believers will have eternal bliss and complete success, because of the things that they did in this life.

Allah says, “So no soul knows the delight of the eyes which is hidden for them; a reward for what they did.” (32:17)

We now stand at the start of the race, so let us run forward quickly to the finish line, where the gates of Paradise will be open for those who strive as they should. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH), said, “Paradise is surrounded by hardship and the Hellfire is surrounded by wishes and desires,” (Sahih al-Jami)

Despite this, Allah and His Messenger have left breadcrumbs along the path, for us to follow to make our journey easier. All roads may lead to Rome, but not all paths lead to Allah and His Paradise. We must plan our journey by using only the road map given to us by Allah and His Messenger.