She Is Umm Salmah Bint Abu Umayyah Bin Al-Mughreerah Bin Abdullah Bin Umar Bin Makhzum Al-Qurashiyyah. Her Agnomen Was Umah Salmah Because He Had A Son Named Salamah. As For Her Mother, Har Name Was Atika Bint Amir Bin Rabee’ah Bin Malik Al-Kinaniyyah Before Her Marriage To The Prophet S.A.W Umm Salmah R.A Was Married To Abu Salamah Bin Abdul-Asad

Umm Salamah As We Have Said Married To Abu Salamah Whose Name Was Abdullah From The Time When The Obligation Of Jihad Was Imposed Abdullah Showed Himself To Be One Of The Fiercest Fighters And One Of the Bravest. He Would No Sooner return From A Battel Than He Was Preparing For The Next. He Took Part In The Battle Of Badr And in The Battle Of Uhad, In Which He Was Serious Injured, But Allah Ordained That He Would Survive Umm Salamah Wa Widowed. She Was A Beautiful Woman And So No Sooner Had She Completed Her Waiting Period Then She Receive a Proposal Of Marriage From the Leaders And Distinguished Men Of Al-Madinah, Who Proposed To her Were Abu Bakr And Umar R.A But She Did Not Marry tHen The Prophet S.A.W Sent a Proposal To Her But She Said To The Bearer Of The Prophet Proposal Inform The messenger Of Allah S.A.W That I Am A Very Jealous Women And I Am A Women With Children And None Of My Guardians is Present. The Messenger Came To the Prophet S.A.W And informed Him Of What Umm Salamah R.A Had Said And He S.A.W Said: Say To Her: As For Your Saying That You Are A Very Jealous Woman,I Will Supplicate Allah And Your Jealousy Will Depart, As For Your Saying That You Are A Women With Children, You Will Find Who Is Willing And Able To Support Them And Take Care Of Them, As For Your Saying That None Of Your Guardians Is Present, No one Among Them Whether Present Or Absent Will Dislike That ( This Marriage Should take Place).

So Prophet S.A.W Marriage Umm Salamah R.A And She became Of The Mother Of The Believers. She Was A Women Of Exceeding Beauty,
Possessing A Superior Intellect And Sound Opinion. She Was Also Known For Her God-Fearing Nature,

Her Death
After A Life Filled With Faith And Righteous Deeds, The Mother Of the Believers, Umm Salamah Died In The Year 61 A.H Aged 84And The Venerable Companion, Abu Hurairah R.A Led The People In her Funeral Prayer, After Which She Was Buried In AL-Baqee Cemetery.