Allah is the Most Merciful. It is out of His Mercy that He feeds us, provides us and gives us everything we ask for, despite our disobedience to His Commands.

But why does He punish, few may ask. We must know that just as Mercy is Allah’s attribute and Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem are His Beautiful Names, so is Justice His attribute and Al-Adl His Beautiful Name. Allah is the Most Just and He is the Judge.

He punishes His slaves – and He has full right to and He cannot be questioned regarding it – because of their own sins and rejection of Allah’s commandments and blessings. Moreover, He is never unjust or incorrect. He is the Most Perfect and everything He does is without a doubt correct. So, when He punishes He is carrying out justice.

Allah created us to worship Him. He created our life as a test to see who among us are best in deeds. He sent down guidance for us. He told us what is right and what is wrong.

He sent Prophets and Messengers to remind humankind whenever they went astray from the straight path. He revealed to us through Messengers about Himself. He sent enough evidences for humankind to believe in His message and submit to His worship, which are also for our own benefit because Allah is not in need of our worship. It is only we who stand in need of Allah.

Allah promised to reward us from 10 to 700 times more for every good deed we do. Allah answers our prayer when we call Him in distress and need. He removes us out of every difficulty.

Despite all of His countless blessings and favors, if man rejects Allah, refuses to follow the guidance though it is clear to him, and persists on the evil path, then Allah reminds the slave through a series of tests and trials that would surely evoke his inner conscience. When man still does not take heed, then Allah punishes him.

The way Allah measures a person’s evil is also reflective of His mercy. Indeed if He were to punish us for the disobedience and errors we do, though we are slaves to the King of all kings, He would not leave a soul on earth. All would be punished and destroyed. It is out His mercy that a sin is recorded as just one evil deed, while a good deed is recorded with a minimum reward of 10 times that deed.

Moreover, He wipes out that evil deed when we turn in repentance to Him. If we change ourselves and do good deeds, He out His infinite Mercy writes that evil deed down as a good deed for us. Nothing can be compared at all with His Mercy.

Furthermore, He does not punish any slave who has not received the message of Islam. Those who did not receive the message, will be tested on the Day of Judgment, as narrated in an authentic Hadith.

In the end, we must never forget who we are and who Allah is. Allah is our Master and He is All-Powerful. He does what He wishes and there is none who can question Him. But He will most certainly question us – our actions and our deeds.

There is no excuse for human beings. And we hope Allah forgives us and has mercy on us and does not make us among those who are punished. Ameen.