Aaisha (RA) has narrated that RasulAllah (SAW) stated: ‘A mature women’s prayer if performed without a large sheet is not accepted.’ (Abu Dawood, Tirmizi)

For the prayer to be correct there are certain conditions: 
One such condition is that the face, the portion BELOW both ankles, and the fingers of both hands can be exposed. Apart from this, it is COMPULSORY (FARD) to cover all other parts of the body. Whether the women read in privacy or openly, these conditions are binding in both respects. At the time of RasulAllah (SAW), Muslim women would cover their bodies with a thick cloth whether in prayer or outside of this worship. (Sharee Hijab, p124)

Dear sisters, When you attend the Masjid please make sure that you are wearing the appropriate clothing that covers the body adequately according to the conditions set in Shariah.

  1. Women must cover their heads and hair completely with a large sheet/ scarf draped over the shoulders.
  2. Women must wear a long loose fitting shirt with full-length sleeves (to cover the area over the wrist)

  3. Women must wear a loose-fitting full-length lower garment reaching below the ankles. If you choose to wear a skirt, please ensure that it covers the legs and ankles completely to fulfill the conditions of Salat.

  4. If sisters choose to wear clothing of their own choice, then, they are advised respectfully to adopt an Abaya or Burka to attend the Masjid and offer their prayers.

Mufti Yusuf Danka Al-Kauthar