Some of the People of Paradise will wish for things that will be fulfilled in the strangest ways, unlike anything that happens in this world. The Messenger (saw) told of some of these and how they will be fulfilled.
Abu Hurayrah said that the Prophet (saw) was speaking and a bedouin man was present. The Prophet (saw) said: “A man from the people of Paradise will ask his Rabb for permission to grow things. Allah will ask him, “Do you not have what you want?” He will say, “Of course, but I love to grow things.” So he will sow the seeds and in the blinking of an eye the plant will grow and its fruit will ripen and become like mountains. Allah (swt) will say, “Here it is. O son of Aadam nothing satisfies you!” The Bedouin said, “By Allah! you wont find him except he is from Quraysh or the Ansaar for these are the people that love to grow things. As for us, we don’t grow anything!” The Messenger of Allah (saw) laughed.”
Mishkaat al-Masaabeeh, 3/95, no. 5653