Now Before Any Change in Us Can Take Place,
We Need To Reexamine Our Outlook On Prayer.
Ask Yourself:–
Why Do I Pray?
Is it Just Because I Have T?
Is it Just To Get This Daily Duty Out Of The Way And Over With?
Or May Be it is Because Everyone Just Does it So I Do it Too?
It’s Time To Make A Change.
We Need To Start Praying Out Of Sincere Love.
Pray Out Of Longing To Be With The One You Love.
Pray.. For The Peace And Comfort That Comes From Being With The One, You Love.
There Are 3 Reasons Which Make You Love Someone :
1. Either Because That Someone is Beautiful!
2. Or Because Someone Always Deals Kindly With You
3. Or Because That Someone Has Done Many Favors For You…..
Think Of Allah Now.
He is All Of The Above And More,
isn’t He?
Doesn’t He Then Deserve To Be The Most Worthy Of Our Love Over Everything And Anyone Else?
To Truly Love Allah is To Truly Taste The Greatest Love in Existence!
It is To Truly Taste The Beauty Of Faith