The Holy Prophet has said: “Whoever lets the Prayer lapse, and then offers it after its due time, will burn in hell for not praying on time, for a period of one “Haqab”.”

One “Haqab” equals 80 years, and one year has 360 days, and the Day of Resurrection will equal a thousand years. This means that one who lets just one Prayer lapse will burn in hell for a period of 28,800,000 years !! (May Allah protect us – A’ameen).

Allamah Amjad Ali Aazmi (may Allah have mercy on him) mentions that abandoning Prayer is terrible in itself, but see what Allah, the Supreme, says about those who let it lapse: “So ‘vail’ (or ruin) is to those offerers of Prayer – Those who are neglectful of their Prayer.” (Surah Maoon)

‘Vail’ is the name of a dreadful valley in hell, from which hell also seeks refuge. This will be the destination of those who let their Prayers lapse. (Bahaare Shariat)