Prophet Abraham (Aleh Salam) was born to honorable parents descended from Prophet Noah(Aleh Salam). He was born in the city of Hara, Iraq during the reign of King Nimrod and is often referred to as “The Friend of Allah” and “The Father of the Prophets”. Before Abraham (Aleh Salam) reached maturity his father passed away, and as was the custom in those days, he would, out of respect for his paternal uncle, refer to him as his father. There had been a void in guidance since the death of Prophet Noah and the people of Hara reverted to idolatry.

Hara was renowned for its ornate, pagan temples and its citizens took great pride in the idols housed within them. Offerings were sacrificed to the idols and ritual ceremonies, wishfully invoking their favors performed before them. Lucrative commerce had grown around the activities of the temples. Carved replicas of the idols were a much sought-after possession and it was to this profession that Azar, Abraham (Aleh Salam)’s uncle, whom he now called “father” directed his talents.

Abraham (Aleh Salam) was unlike his contemporaries, he grew to be an upright, caring, young man repulsed by idol worship and sought the answer to a question that had consumed him for many years — who was his Lord? In the process of his guidance, Allah in His Mercy caused Abraham (Aleh Salam) to contemplate upon the kingdoms of the heavens and earth. One evening, as he gazed up into the night sky, he saw a planet shining more brightly than the others and exclaimed, “This is surely my Lord!” but, as the morning light came the planet set he rejected his thought saying, “I do not like the setting ones!” On another occasion, as he saw the moon rise he said once again, “This is my Lord!” But like the planet as the light of the morning broke it disappeared whereupon he said, “If my Lord does not guide me, I shall be amongst the astray nation!” Then, when he saw the sun rise upon the horizon he said, “This must be my Lord, it is larger!” But as it set he turned to his people saying, “O nation I am quit of what you associate (with Allah, the Creator) I have turned my face to Him who created the heavens and the earth, uprightly, and I am not among the idolaters!” Qur’an, Chapter 6 verses 76-79 “Abraham (Aleh Salam) IS CHOSEN BY ALLAH AND BECOMES A PROPHET”.

Shortly after this Allah sent the Arch Angel Gabriel to inform Abraham (Aleh Salam) that He had chosen him to be His Messenger. Abraham (Aleh Salam) was deeply humbled by the news and Gabriel brought him, over a period of forty-two visits, ten Holy Scrolls. Prophet Muhammad(saws) informed his companions later on that the contents of the Scrolls were examples. Abraham (Aleh Salam)’s open rejection of idolatry caused a commotion, no one had ever challenged the deity of the idols of Hara; to his fellow citizens, the notion was deemed blasphemous. However, Abraham (Aleh Salam) was resolved, he had no doubt that Allah was the only One to be worshiped because he was convinced that it was He alone who had created everything.