Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a warm-hearted and faithful friend. He loved his companions. He extended greetings to those he knew and to those he did not know. He treated all people around him with kindness and affection. He was very courteous to all those who met him. He never contradicted anybody who was not opposed to the teachings of Islam. He treated equally the humble and the lofty. He claimed no distinction and lived amongst his companions as if he was not their leader.

He regarded the neighbors as brothers and sisters because of their closeness and living in the same vicinity. He once smelt the aroma of the soup cooked by his wife. He told her to give some of it to the neighbors who also smelt it. He said it was not right for a Muslim to sleep with a full stomach after having had a good meal but left his neighbor hungry. He laid the foundation for a friendly relationship and cooperation among neighbors exemplifying that living as a neighbor one has one ‘s right and responsibility. He treated with exemplary kindness his Jewish neighbors that show that he respected his neighbors even if they belonged to other religions.

In regard to the rights of a neighbor, the Prophet said: “Help him if he asks your help; give him assistance if he seeks your help; show him concern if he is distressed and when he is ill; attend his funeral if he dies; congratulate him if he receives any good; sympathize with him if any calamity befalls him; do not block his air by raising your building without his permission and do not harass him.”