Uttering the expiation (Kaffarah) of quitting a meeting “I honor Allah from all that is ascribed to Him, O Allah, all praises are for You, I testify that there is no worth worshipping but Allah, I repent and ask Allah for His forgiveness (narrated by Sunnah scholars)
Every day includes many meetings such as:

1- While eating daily meals you mostly speak with whom you’re eating with.

2- When you meet one of your friends or neighbors even if you both were standing.

3- When sitting with your classmates or work colleagues.

4- When sitting with your spouse and children chatting together.

5- While driving home with your spouse or friends.

6- While attending a lecture, a seminar, or a forum.

Look what you do by applying these Sunnahs you keep:

· Praising Allah several times, which keeps you always in contact with Allah.
· Repenting and asking for Allah’s forgiveness for whatever happens during those meetings.
· Testifying that there is no god but Allah.

The benefit of applying these sunnahs on a daily basis is forgiveness of whatever happens during those meetings with others.
Note: Arabic version of Duas is preferable.