Nasiruddin was the slave of a king, and very fond of hunting. One day he came across a very pretty baby deer and picked it up and rode away. The mother deer saw Nasiruddin take her baby and followed him anxiously. Nasiruddin,
pleased with the baby dear, was thinking about presenting it to his children to play with.

After a time, he chanced to look back and saw the mother deer following him, her expression full of grief. He noticed too that she did not seem to care about her own safety. Moved to pity, Nasiruddin set the baby deer free. The mother deer nuzzled and licked her baby fondly and the two deer leaped happily away into the forest. But many times the mother deer looked back at Nasiruddin as if to express her thanks.

That night Nasiruddin dreamt that the revered Prophet (s.a.w.s.) was addressing him: ” Nasiruddin, your name has been entered in the list of Allah, and you will one day have a kingdom. But remember that when you are king you will also have many responsibilities. Just as you have shown mercy to the deer today, you should be merciful to all Allah’s creatures. You should not forget your people by falling into a life of luxury.” This dream came true and Nasiruddin did become king, Amir Nasiruddin Subaktagin, father of Sultan Muhammad.

The Moral Of The Story …. is that if we wish Allah to be merciful to us, we must be eager to show mercy to all the living creatures of the earth.

When a flower blooms,
its color and scent first touch the garden near it and then spread.
In the same way,
a Muslim’s acts of human kindness should first touch those nearest to him,
his family and his neighbors.