Disobedience removes the blessings of one’s life, sustenance, knowledge, deeds and obedience. In short, it eradicates the blessings of religion and the material world. You will not find the least blessing in the life, religion or world of one who disobeys Allah. It is none other than the disobedience of creation that effaces blessings from the Earth. Allah says:

And if the people of the towns had believed and had Taqwa (piety), certainly, We would have opened for them blessings from the Heaven and the Earth. (Qur’an, 7:96)

The expanse of sustenance and deeds is not calculated by its quantity and nor is the length of one’s age determined by the number of months and years, but the expanse of sustenance is measured by the blessing within it. It has already been said that the age of the believer is the span of his life and that there is no life for the one who turns away from Allah and preoccupies himself with objects other than Him; the lives of beasts are better than his life.

The life of a person is determined by the life of his heart and soul, and his heart will have no life unless it knows its Maker; loves Him; worships Him alone; turns to Him in repentance; finds tranquillity in His remembrance and endearment by being near to Him. Whoever is denied this life has lost out on all good even if he compensates it with something of the world. In fact, the world in its entirety cannot compensate for such a life.

Everything the believer loses out on has a substitute but if he loses out on Allah, nothing at all can ever substitute Him. How can something that is inherently in need compensate for the One who is inherently self-sufficient; that is inherently incapable compensate for the One who is inherently able? How can one who does not own even the weight of an atom compensate for the One who possesses the dominions of the Heavens and the Earth?

The reason that disobedience of Allah eradicates the blessing of one’s sustenance and age lies in the charge of Satan with disobedience and its perpetrators. His authority is over them and he refers back to this office, its people and associates. The blessing of anything that connects and joins with Satan becomes obliterated; the mentioning of Allah’s Name was prescribed at times of eating, drinking, dressing, mounting and sexual relations because of the blessing associated to the Name of Allah. The mention of His Name expels Satan and cause blessings to materialize; nothing can challenge the name of Allah.

Anything that is not for Allah will have its blessing removed as it is the Lord alone who blesses and all blessings emanate from Him. Everything that is attributed to Him is blessed: His speech is blessed; His Messenger is blessed; His believing servant who benefits creation is blessed; and His Sacred House is blessed.

So none but He alone can bless and nothing besides what is attributed to Him is blessed, i.e., attributed to His servitude, love and pleasure since the whole universe is otherwise ascribed to His lordship and is His creation.

The direct opposite of being blessed is being cursed. The land, the person or action that Allah has cursed will be the most removed from any good or blessing. Anything that is associated and linked to it or is a route to it will contain no blessing whatsoever. Allah cursed His enemy, Iblis, and made him the furthest creation from Himself; everything that emanates from his side will bear the curse of Allah in proportion to its proximity and attachment to him. It is from this perspective that disobedience has the severest effect on removing the blessings of one’s age, sustenance, knowledge and actions. Any period of time in which Allah is disobeyed, any wealth, body, status, knowledge and action Allah is disobeyed with, will count against the doer and not for him. The only life, wealth, strength, status, knowledge and action he really possesses is that with which Allah is obeyed.

Likewise, one may own a tremendous amount of gold and silver but his actual wealth does not extend to a thousand dirhams or so. The case is the same for knowledge and status. It is related in At-Tirmidhi from the Prophet, “The world is cursed; everything in it is cursed except the remembrance of Allah and whatever ensues from it or a scholar and a student.” In another narration, “The world is cursed; everything in it is cursed except that which is for Allah.” This is what contains blessing specifically and Allah is the One Who is sought for help and upon Him we rely.”

– Excerpt from Al-Da’ wa Al-Dawa’/Islam21c