Monks and ascetics, and many of the believers of this ummah think that the blessings of the hereafter cannot be attained without giving up the good things and pleasures of this world. So you see them punishing themselves and making life hard for themselves with non-stop fasting and [qiyaam] praying at night. Some of them even deny themselves good food, drink, and clothing and reject work and marriage. All of this is wrong, for Allah has created the good things of this world for the believers, and He denounces those who forbid the beautiful things that Allah (SWT) has created for His slaves:

“Say (O Muhammad): ´Who has forbidden the adornment which Allah has brought forth for His creatures or the good things from among the means of sustenance?´ Say: ´These are for the enjoyment of the believers in this world, and shall be exclusively theirs on the Day of Resurrection.´ Thus do We clearly expound Our revelations for those who have knowledge ” [7:32]

This world is only condemned when it distracts the believer from the Hereafter, but if he treats it as a means of achieving success in the akhirah then its pleasures need not be spurned, as some people think.