All Praises and Glories to Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Beneficent. Peace be upon Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), his Sahabas, and all of us.

Man is a creature of haste: soon (enough) will I show you My signs; then ye will not ask Me to hasten them! – (Quran 21:37).

When a person gives you some information that you already knew , do not say I already know it .Because the information is a message for those who did not knew it already, and a reminder for the people, who already knew it.- Prophet (Peace be upon him)

When a person speaks to you do not feel that he is referring to you – Prophet (Peace be upon him)
Do not be carried away by the beauties of Wording – Prophet (Peace be upon him)

Please analyze the above verses. When we go through the above verses, we can understand that human nature is very well defined. Amazing! Isn’t it .Yes, each human have the above qualities, which is well described by whom else than ALLAH, our creator and Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him), his messenger.

No other book in human psychology was/is/will be as comprehensive as The Quran. There was/is/will be no psychologist as good as our Prophet (peace be upon him).

Some Recipes of success are:
Please don’t do things in haste or take decision in hurry. Let us do things calmly and coolly. [“Even if it is time for prayer when you walk to mosque, walk slowly and steadily” – Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him)]

Islam tells that man should not do things on assumptions. So, please don’t do things or make decisions based on assumptions. Man has better communication skills than any other human being. So, it is better to clarify matters rather than to assume them ourselves.

When someone tell something, which we already know, even then we should give an ear to him. We should not go by the western logic that do not repeat obvious thing Even if someone tell us that aero plane flies in the sky, please listen to him.

When someone speaks about anything to us, we should not feel that he is talking with reference to us
Please don’t be carried away by the beauties of the wording, like it is in the case of most poetry. Let us see the meaning. Please don’t see who speaks to us; let us see what he speaks.