That’s true…In fact, we know what we, our ancestors did in past, in the field of science.

That’s the reason, the world’s renowned scientists were among the Muslims. Some of them are produced below

1- JABIR IBN HAIYAN: Father of Modern Chemistry, a geographer, lawyer
2- Abu Abdullah Mohammad Ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi: The founder of Algebra, A mathematician, astronomer, and geographer
3- Ibn Sina (commonly known as Avicenna) -doctor of doctors
4- Abu Yousuf Yaqub Ibn Ishaq al-Kindi: A philosopher, mathematician, physicist, astronomer, physician, geographer
5- Abu’l Waleed Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Rushd, known as Averroes in the West: philosopher, logician, Jurisprudence, Medicine…etc, etc…

But the need is for the Muslims to get them aware of the modern sciences, although Muslims are making contribution efforts in sciences, the need is to materialize their work, which so far has not been done, keeping in mind that whatever the sciences they are studying, are made easy / discovered for us by ALLAH SWT…as he is the only creator.

Some Historical Facts:
In fact, during the British regime in undivided India, when Britishers were gaining power over there and Muslims were losing the same, important discoveries were made by western scientists.

On one hand, where these discoveries were made in the west, a strong mentality was developed in the West that science is ALL for us, and one can answer all questions with the help of the sciences. In fact, sciences were treated as GOD for all and this situation still continues.

Why this extremist behavior was developed in the West?
Ans: Under the Pops regime, people were kept under strict observance and studying sciences was prohibited in the West. Even if someone was found studying sciences, their homes were set on fire.

So as a reflex action, Western people developed strong hate against religion. The affected regions were the western and southern sides of Europe.

Result: So they lift up their faith in the existence of religion.

On the other hand, being the strong followers of Islam as a religion, this mentality invaded Muslims.

Keeping in mind where Muslims were involved in
– dis-obedience to Islamic Shari’ah,
– had left Qur’an and Sunnah,
– they lost their basis and forget to keep the momentum of scientific research and development.

They stood as the prime target for the scientific invasions… existence of GOD…sciences are all…

At this point, the conflicts/downfalls begin.

Science with knowledge (whether right or wrong) invaded Muslims and challenge the era of Muslims to answer their questions.

Muslims were not prepared to answer this invasion, as they left research and development somewhere in past.

So Muslims didn’t comes up with answers.

As a reflex action, Muslims of that time decided in order to save their religion, let’s refrain from studying Modern sciences.

Here once more things appear…. the concept of separation of Science from religion, arose in Muslims…

Muslims, unfortunately, being the followers of a religion, stand as the prime target for scientific invasions, had closed their doors to studying sciences, and think that science had invaded their religion.

Off course, they were right at that time. Their strategy was right at that time as we can’t imagine the severity of that situation.

That was the situation, where Muslims left the sciences. But before that Muslims were studying sciences and made remarkable achievements in sciences which provides the basis for modern sciences.