What does Islam say about having Boyfriends or Girlfriends?
Islam strictly forbids us to have any kind of relationship with a Non-Mehram ( people you can get married to) whether it’s just a friendship relationship or a love relationship or even a fiance relationship.

Before Nikkah, no contact should be between a man and a woman. Cause; remember when two people are alone (a boy and a girl) the third person there is Satan (Evil), who always encourages you to commit sins and as a result, it leads to Zina/Fornication.

And as Muslims, we must know that Fornication or Adultery, (sex outside marriage) is Haram in Islam. It is considered to be one of the major sins.

Dear brothers and sisters in Islam, are we so pious that we can afford to carry these sins with us to the Hereafter? If you ask me, I’ll have to say no, because I know that, the weight of my sins is way heavier than my rewards, so, therefore, I can’t afford to commit those sins, and I am sure neither can you.

Many of us claim that we are not doing anything wrong, just by talking on the phone or chatting, writing a mail, or e-mailing, with our boyfriends or girlfriends. But we have to realize that, it is still wrong to do that because we are still in contact with a non-mahram, which is again strictly prohibited in Islam.

And some others say that it’s ok if they talk to their fiance or future husband/wife, but what is the guarantee that, this person will end up being your life partner? Then why, waste our jewels or modesty, unnecessarily?

Allah Tallah has mentioned to us that, “the Zina of the ear is what you hear, the Zina of the tongue is what you say, the Zina of the mind is what you think, the Zina of the hand is what you touch, and the Zina of the eye is what you see”. Is it still not clear enough that by any sort of contact we are still committing sins?

By saying “I love you” to any boy/girl, we are committing the Zina of our tongue, by hearing something like that from someone, we are committing the Zina of our ear, and so on.

So, therefore, dear brothers and sisters, it’s time we wake up and open up our hearts and ears and turn back to Allah’s command. We can’t allow the devil to take over us. The person we sacrifice for the sake of Allah, surely Allah will grant them happiness.

This is especially for Women:
Allah Talla has given us (the women) the best jewel we could have, and that gets lost when we expose it in front of other men. The women’s bodies are like rose petals and if touched or seened to much over and over again, they will lose their luster. Would any of us keep our diamonds displayed in public? Then, why is it that we are showing our bodies to others?

We have to remember that, whatever Allah Talla commanded us to do is what is best for us.

Kissing is not allowed in Islam
Hugging is not allowed in Islam
Talking on the phone with non-mahram is not allowed in Islam
Writing mail is still not allowed in Islam

And remember to do Istikhara Salah before you marry anyone, because Allah is All-Knowing, and He knows what we know not. Like a person by their Iman, not by how they look, or what they have, or what they are.

May Allah Talla give us the ability to stay away from these evil acts and bless us with His Mercy and guide us on the right path. Ameen.