GOD (Allah) does not require an accident or a reason to call us back. HE can call us any time. Many researchers have shown that any person can die anywhere without any good reason. For instance, a special nerve in our brain can burst anytime for no reason. All those who have ever been a victim of earthquakes never imagined that an earthquake was about to strike them. But most of us don’t think about it and are of the opinion that we still have enough life and will follow religion in older age. Every one of us is standing in the mouth of death ready to become her prey at any time. If this moment is our end, can we be sure that we followed the true religion in its true spirit and that our deeds are good enough to earn us Paradise (Jannah)?

This life is a test for everyone and we know very well that everyone can not get 100% justice in this life. When it is dead sure that there will be a day of judgment and there is life after death, one should check his/her faith and consult the sacred scripture of religions to find out true religion.

If Allah calls us now and asks us about our life, and what we did with it, we will surely be ashamed in front of Him. But consider another possibility. Suppose we ask Him to give us another chance (which is not possible) and He gives it to us, imagine what will we do!

Our second chance starts Now?

May God show us the right path… Aameen