You may have read many stories about people who embraced Islam. These stories are available on many sites on the internet and books that deal with this kind of stories.

What attracts you at the beginning is to know the background of these people: their nationalities, former religions, languages, families and careers.

However the thing that attracts one most is the reason that encouraged theses people to leave their previous religion or their atheistic beliefs because some of them did not believe in any deity before.

Answering unanswered questions
Many of those who embraced Islam indicated that Islam answered all the questions that have been annoying them all through their lives. For example, a Japanese woman who embraced Islam said that “I found answers to the philosophical questions that had been haunting me for so many years in this beautiful religion.”

Presenting a comprehensive view of life
Some of the people who embraced Islam also pointed out that what attracted them to Islam is the overall view of the life Islam is presenting to its followers.

For example, Fred, an American who recently embraced Islam, said “a faith which would encompass the whole of life, a faith which would provide for me a sense of community and a support group for the trials of life, I found that I was still adrift in a sea of conflicting religions – each claiming that the others were false.”

Islam’s respect for other religions and prophets
One of the things that attracted other people to embrace Islam is that Islam shows deep respect for other faiths and prophets, in spite of the differences in vision. This is why Fred says, “As for Jesus, non-Muslims are always surprised to find that the Qur’an speaks of Jesus and Mary respectfully, treating Jesus as a prophet and a worker of God’s miracles of healing. However, Islam does not view Jesus as God.”

There are other factors that attracted another set of people to enter the fold of Islam. However, there is an American woman who became a Muslim who could give us a very precise and concise statement that sums up a lot of things: “Islam is beautiful and all-compassing and lovely in every way.

God is sensible and understandable; women are respected and honored; men are honored and respectable! Children are protected; Islam offers everything other faiths claim to and more but the difference is, Islam delivers.

Islam is not some weak religion because there is nothing more powerful than actually connecting with God and that is what Islam does.”