She is Ramlah Bin Abu Sufyan Bin Sakhr Bin Harb Bin Umayyah Bin Abd Shams Bin Qusai. Her lineage is connected with that of the prophet S.A.W through their common ancestor Qusai. She was born seventeen years before the start of the prophetic mission and she was married to Ubaidullah Bin Jahsh Al-Asadi.

Blessed Marriage
The marriage contract was made the Nugus informed the people that the Messenger of Allah had written to him asking Hin to give Umm Habeebah in marriage to him and that he had given her in marriage to him and given her dowry of four hundred deenar on his behalf, then he made the proposal of marriage to Khalid bin Saeed R.A – whom Umm Habeebah R.A had appointed to represent her – and he said I have responded to the request of the messenger of Allah and married him to request of the messenger of Allah and him to Umm Habeebah R.A, then he took the deenar and the Negus organized a wedding party in celebration of this occasion and the people ate and celebrate the happy event. so Umm Habeebah R.A became one of the mother of the believers and after a contract had been made, she loved the messenger of Allah.

Umm Habeebah R.A was a sincere believer and that sincere faith manifested itself in her love of Allah, the highest and his messenger. She feared not the rebuke of any person regarding Allah and she did not hold any person in the same high regard in which she held the messenger of Allah no matter how close he was to her, her father entered the house of his daughter Umm Habeebah R.A and after he greeted her, he went to sit on the mattress of the Messenger of Allah, but she folded it up in order to prevent him from doing so this wounded him deeply and caused him great pain and said to her, O my daughter! it is because the mattress is too good for me or because I am too good for the mattress? she said: it belongs to the prophet and you are an unclean polytheist, so I do not like that you should sit on the mattress of the Messenger of Allah, he replied angrily by Allah you have been afflicted by evil after leaving me.

After a life filled with good deeds which she undertook in order to get close to Allah the highest and to earn the pleasure of the Messenger of Allah the mother of the believer she died, may Allah have mercy on her in al-Madinah in the year 44 A.H