Q. What sorts of water are good for Ablution (Wudu)?
A. Ablution (Wudu) and Bath (Gnusl) are allowed with rain water; spring or well’s water; stream, river/sea water; melted snow; hail-water; water in a large pond, or a big tank.

Q. Which are the liquids not allowed for Ablution (Wudu)?
A. The following liquids are not allowed for Ablution:

Fruit juice; squeezed sap (fluids of plants & trees); soup; such viscous water whose color, smell, and taste have changed due to its blending with any permissible thing. Water in small quantity in which some impermissible thing has dropped, or some animal has drowned and died in it; water that has already been used for Ablution or Bath. Also, such water which is largely polluted; water from which forbidden (Haram) animals have drunk, and water distilled from aniseed, rose, or any other herb.

Q. What term is used for the water which has already been used for Ablution or Bath (Wudu & Ghusl)?
A. Such water is called ‘used-up-water’ (Musta’mil). I1: is clean by itself, but is not permissible for re-using it for Ablution, or Bath. BISMIL-LAHIR-RAHAL4RIR-RAHIM (In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful)