So many people have tried to define love. Often it means different things to different people.
Everyone admits they need it.

It seems to be an emotion; a feeling of bonding between people. But does it occur in a snap?
There are certain ingredients which it contains; upon which it is built. Without them, love will not be found. People need to be respected, listened to, forgiven, and taught and their needs must be met. If such aspects are missed love does not emerge.

How often do people look at their spouse and think that at that moment, they really hate them? Then at a future time see another aspect of their personality and feel a deep loving feeling towards them. No one loves somebody all the time. Human beings are very complicated and can experience so many emotions at the same time. There are also many sides to our personalities.

Yet relationships are often based on this abstract emotion called ‘love’ and when it disappears the relationship often dissolves.

Perhaps if we wait a little and be patient we will see another side of the person which is more acceptable and to our liking.

We can learn to ‘love’ that part of the person and try to ignore the other parts.

People are not disposable.

Remember that love of Allah is the type of love you should be seeking all your life. This love will make you believe that you have to spend your short life serving Him, helping people, feeding the needy, giving regular charity to those who need it…etc. This love is the real love that gives meaning to our life.