The Holy Prophet states: “Worship Allah as if you see Him, and if you cannot do this, then you must at least be certain that He is looking at you.” (Saheeh Bukhari)

The Holy Prophet states: “Whoever offers all his Prayers on time after a perfect ablution, stands with humility and reverence, prostrates and bows with calm, and offers the entire Prayer in a good manner – so that Prayer becomes a radiating one and prays for him thus: O the offerer of Prayer !! May Allah guard you the way you have guarded me. And as regards the one who offers the Prayer poorly – that is without proper ablution, and not even prostrating and bowing correctly – then the Prayer curses him thus: May Allah ruin you the way you have ruined me. Then the Prayer is folded and thrown back at his face like a used (dirty) cloth.” (Tibrani).

The Holy Prophet once said: “The worst thief is one who steals during the Prayer” The companions, therefore, asked “O the Messenger of Allah !! How does he steal in Prayer”? He answered “He does not prostrate or bow correctly.” (Musnad Imaam Ahmed & Tibrani)

In yet another Hadith, glad tidings of salvation have been given to those who regularly offer their Prayers with humility and reverence. (Abu Dawood).

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (may Allah be well pleased with him) states: “The reverent ones are those who fear Allah and offer their Prayers with calm.”

It is clear from the above that Prayer must be offered with reverence, humility, and calm, keeping in mind all its requirements.