Every Prayer should be offered like a person who is certain that it is the last Prayer of his life. Hazrat Hatim Balkhi (may Allah have mercy upon him) was once questioned as to how he offered his Prayers. He answered, “When it is time for Prayer, I do a proper ablution and stand calmly on the prayer mat. I imagine that the Holy Kaaba is in front of me, Paradise on my right, hell on my left, and that I am standing on the thin bridge (of the Day of Resurrection) – and that the angel of death is above me and that this is the last Prayer of my life. Then with utmost humility I proclaim “Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)” and keeping the meanings in mind, I recite the Holy Quran – and with extreme reverence and humility, I complete the Prayers. I then hope that Allah will accept it by His mercy, and fear that it may be rejected because of the shortcomings of my deeds.”

Such is the Prayer of the Friends of Allah !! May Allah guide us to follow in the footsteps of His friends. Aameen.