Many of God’s Prophets in the past had performed miracles either to prove that they were sent by God or to help people to achieve certain goals. However, as these miracles were for certain people of the time of the respective Prophets, they are neither tangible nor available today as living proof. But the Quran is. It is a miracle by itself. When people asked Prophet Muhammad what miracle he had performed, the Prophet pointed to the Quran.

Muslims regard the Quran as a living miracle because, among other reasons, it:

  • Is a Book par excellence in the provision of complete guidance for this life and the Hereafter,
  • Is available in the language (Arabic) as revealed to the Prophet,
  • Is inimitable in diction, sound, and rendering,
  • Is accurate in its presentation of facts,
  • Has remained pure (without interpolation),
  • Has no contradiction or inconsistencies,
  • Has influenced the lives of people, and
  • Is responsible for the speedy spread of Islam, even now.

With regard to the Quran being a miracle from the point of view of its influence on people, Maulana Muhammad Ali in his book, “The Religion of Islam”, says: “The Quran is a miracle because it brought about the greatest transformation that the world has ever witnessed – a transformation of the individual, of the family, of the society, of the nation, of the country, an awakening material as well as moral, intellectual and spiritual. It produced an effect, a hundred thousand times greater than that of any other miracle recorded of any Prophet; hence, its claim to be the greatest of all miracles is incontestable and uncontested.”

Researches on the Quran have been made throughout these 14 centuries. More particularly, in recent years, in the wake of religious inquiries, Quranic scholars, scientists, and mathematicians have each, in their own way and knowledge, discovered that the factual contents of the Quran as well as the arrangement of its Words and text point to the fact that the Quran is indeed the living miracle of Islam.